The DesignedNet reduces development effort with automated code generation

DesignedNet is an application framework and code generation engine built using the Microsoft .NET Framework. This framework has been optimized to provide high performance and scalability for enterprise level software applications based on ASP.NET and Windows technologies. This framework has been leveraged on numerous projects for clients in a variety of industries with great success to deliver quality solutions in limited time and and on budget.

The ability to generate this amount of code substantially reduces the number of bugs due to the reuse of tested and proven base classes and the automation of the tedious operations of matching table and column names with display controls and user input validation. Examples of implementations of this framework are documented below for your review.

Harkins Builders BidNET Enterprise Intranet

The Harkins BidNET system provides company wide support for managment of the communications and relationships with numerous subcontractors working for Harkins Builders. The process of selecting subcontractors to work on a construction project requires information regarding their areas of expertise, licenses and certifications and geographical regions which is maintained by the system for easy access.

E&E Publications: MILO Publication Sales Portal

E&E Publishing provides online content subscriptions to environmental news and information for government agencies, lobbyist groups and industry professionals. With all of the recent growth in this industry, they began to outgrow their legacy information systems and sought to build a new web based application to manage their customer data and business processes.

Call-A-Courier: Package Tracking Portal

The client requested a website to allow their customers to track packages which the courier was delivering. The web application allows a customer to register on the site in order to request a package delivery. The website collects the required information and then emails a customer service representitive to initiate the request who manages the status of the package delivery using an admin module of the website.

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