Application frameworks reduce the level of effort required for development

Evolution of enterprise intranet across multiple project iterations with Harkins Builders

Designed Simplicity has successfully provided 4 comprehensive solutions for the evolving business needs of the organization across nearly a decade of the relationship. Each subsequent solution has built upon the groundwork established from previous efforts to compound the return-on-investment for their IT initiatives.

The DesignedNet Framework reduces development effort with automated code generation

The DesignedNet Framework provides an enterprise level architecture and codebase to streamline development efforts of web based applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework. The architecture consists of a robust code generation engine that instantly produces multiple application layers consistent with the Microsoft Solution Framework development methodology and n-tier application design concepts.

The Expedition Framework abstracts and encapsulates file system metadata and managment

The Expedition Framework is a SQL Server database model to duplicate and expand upon the functionality offered by FAT or NTFS file systems. The primary goal for augmenting the existing file system is to expand the functionality to allow for numerous files to be grouped together and allow that group to exist in multiple folder locations. Expedition will also allow for archival information to be maintained for files present on offline media.

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