Harkins Builders: BidNET Enterprise Intranet

Enterprise wide intranet to consolidate shared data across multiple departments and business processes

Technologies: ASP.NETC#DesignedNet, FAX, jQuery, SMTP, SOASQL

Scope: 1000 hours from January 2006 thru December 2006

Corporate wide information repository with secure extranet
Enterprise case study for Designed Framework development

Harkins Builders manages the development and construction of business and residential design-build general contracting projects. The organization interacts with numerous subcontractors across multiple simultaneous building projects spanning months or years. This new intranet consolidated and enhanced functionality from 3 previously delivered departmental solutions which allowed knowledge workers to share and analyze information that was previously inaccessible across departments. Information about the building project and subcontractors is entered by the estimating department and augmented as it makes its way into the construction phase through project management. Detailed profiles about the project can easily be published on the corporate website or searched for more targeted campaigns by the marketing department.

Project Directory Home

Campaign Invitation

Invitation Management

Message Broadcast

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