US Department of Labor: Centralized Application Processing System

Intranet application to automate paper-based form process and enforce editing and approval workflow

Technologies: AJAX, ASP.NETC#, Office

Scope: 600 hours from March 2004 thru June 2004

Window service with Word automation for background printing
Unique user interface implementation for paper form in HTML

The Department of Labor manually processes thousands immigration applications per month and had a backlog of 9 months. An ASP.NET web application was developed to streamline the user input while enforcing business requirements for editing and final approval. Multiple Word document templates were used to generate and print notification letters to applicant at specific changes in workflow status. An inventive interface using HTML controls aligned on a background image of the paper forms streamlined and eased the user experiences for workers transition from a paper to electronic process.

ETA 750 Data Entry

Data Processing

Corrections Letter

Analyst Initial Review

Analyst Final Review

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