Harkins Builders: EquipDB Asset Manager

Secure web-based extranet application for hardware and software asset assignment, tracking and reporting

Technologies: ASP.NETC#DesignedNetSQL

Scope: 200 hours from January 2003 thru March 2003

Integration with barcode reader for rapid identification of assets
Secure extranet for communication with third party support services

The IT Department supports users and computers in multiple offices and numerous job site locations. Many COTS solutions were evaluated and found deficient for the specific needs of the organization so a custom solution was requested. This extranet tied into the existing SubFAX Estimating Portal database to leverage the employee and project information already maintained. Additional database tables were added to maintain profiles about hardware and software assets and their assignments to a project location or employee. A reporting module let users create custom reports for auditing and provide them to third parties on the extranet via a secure link.

Asset list

Asset reporting

Asset assignment

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