Hann and Hann: HannCrew Work Request Scheduler

Real-time schedule planning and management engine for team based work assignment

Technologies: ASP.NETC#DesignedNetecommereceSQL

Scope: 400 hours from May 2002 thru September 2002

Integration of new website functionality into existing scheduling system
Real-time scheduling engine for dynamic team availability and assignment

Expanded existing website targeted at home painting projects to support corporate customers. New requirements included multiple login profiles for each corporate account. Account administrators could maintain a list of site locations with personnel contact information and multiple building addresses. Any users could request fixed-scope work from a list configured by web site administrators. Each work form could be dynamically configured with grouped sets of questions, including pre-defined selectable responses. Team size and time requirements for each scope-of-work was used in junction with the scheduling engine to determine team availability. Team location authorization and management is controlled with the administrative back-end web system. Work requests may be rescheduled, updated or canceled up to 48 hours prior to scheduled project start date. Administrative reporting enabled generation of invoices and exporting of project data for import into an accounting system.

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