E&E Publications: MILO Publication Sales Portal

Customer information and subscription sales management portal for secure online content publisher

Technologies: ASP.NETC#DesignedNetSOASQL

Scope: 600 hours from August 2003 thru August 2005

DesignedNet Framework implementation for rapid development
Integration with multiple systems to automate manual processes

E&E Publishing provides online content subscriptions to environmental news and information for government agencies, lobbyist groups and industry professionals. The sales agents each managed their clients using their own processes while the access codes for the site were updated manually on a daily basis and there was no ability to track site usage across multiple accounts associated to a single subscription. A new web based customer relationship management portal was created to maintain the information about the subscription profiles of organizations and contacts. The web server log files were automatically parsed so that subscription usage could be viewed and compared with revenue which was now an easily generated live report within the system. Access codes for new or expired subscriptions were uploaded to the webserver daily via a background service. Email campaigns with user configurable HTML templates could be sent and their effectiveness monitored with tracking codes. Integration with the accounting system provided invoice generation and account payment status directly from the application. The consolidation of information and functionality allowed the sales agents to create subscription packages tailored specifically to the needs and desires of each organization individually resulting in a dramatic increase in subscription revenue.

Account Home Page

Convert Subscription

Account Groups Report

Contant Home Page

Agent Subscriptions

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