Becton Dickinson: Mobile Smallpox Immunization Platform

Tablet application for patient medical history with Smallpox inoculation and response protocol tracking

Technologies: C#SOASQL, Tablet, WinForms

Scope: 240 hours from January 2003 thru February 2003

Windows Tablet Edition touch interface WinForm application
SQL Server replication service for offline synchronization

The Immunization Mobile Station (IMS) application was developed for the State of New Jersey on behalf of Becton Dickinson. The Windows Table PC based application implemented the standard protocol for Smallpox immunization. The application was designed to allow complete access to all data and application functions while in a mobile or disconnected environment. Nurses can take a Tablet with the application installed offsite, away from the local area network, and conduct immunizations and take response data collections. Once they returned to the clinic, the data would automatically synchronize with the primary clinic database which, in turn, synchronized with the data center database. This configuration ensured access to data and functionality while not connected to the network as well as a high level of data availability for remote offices and clinics.

Launch form

New patient registration

Consent signature form

Medial history profile

Immunization histroy

Doctor approval form

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