MissNowMrs.com: Name Change Legal Forms

Public ecommerce website offering service to generate multiple forms required to change legal name

Technologies: ASP.NETC#ecommereceHTML/CSS, PDF

Scope: 240 hours from March 2008 thru June 2008

HTML user interface inputs defined by metadata properties
PDF files auto-populated from user data in SQL database

MissNowMrs.com offers new brides an easy way to change their last name by creating the numerous forms required to request a legal name change with government agencies and private companies. The bride selects a package to purchase and enters her personal information on a single web form which is used to generate multiple documents. A custom workflow enforces validation requirements for the forms selected based on the package purchased. Custom fields in PDF documents are populated with the personal information and mailing instructions for download and printing. The website was designed to support dynamic theming for cobranding and additional deployments for similar processes.

Landing Page

Personal Profile

Social Security Input Form

Change of Address Output

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