Sagent Healthstaff: Health Staff Capabilities Database

Web application to collect industry specific competency test and skills checklist results from prospective nurses

Technologies: ASP.NETC#ecommereceHTML/CSS, PDF

Scope: 120 hours from February 2003 thru May 2003

Administration interface to maintain complex surveys for nurses
Search engine to find nurses with specific skills or qualifications

Sagent HealthStaff matches prospective nurses with employment opportunities based on specific industry competencies and position requirements. An administrator can create a custom survey or quiz with questions and answers in multiple levels of grouping to collect results from nurse. Nurses who register with the website can answer one or more surveys and provide additional information about employment history and industry certifications. This information is searched through by recruiters to find candidates with specific attributes for submission to prospective employers. A standardized report including all surveys, qualifications and previous positions is generated for each candidate as a PDF document.

Home page

Professional employment

Licensure and certifications

Experience skills checklists

Checklisk question form

Application PDF

Checklist PDF

Admin nurse search

Admin checklist management

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