Louis Berger Group: Project Knowledge Base Portal

Corporate project experience SharePoint portal to automate document generation for portfolio publishing

Technologies: ASP, DCOM, HTML/CSS, Office, SharePoint, Visual Basic

Scope: 2000 hours from May 2001 thru November 2002

Microsoft Office automation provided document generation and synchronization
Active Directory integration for security and project profile for seamless integration

Application designed to facilitate the accounting number approval process required to obtain an internal project number for expense billing and tracking. System integrated with the Active Directory domain for seamless integration within corporate network. Web forms collected primary project information including employees, contractors and partners for review by group manager. Approval of request routed request to group accounting contact for accounting number assignment. Control then returned to project manager to complete textual project description in auto-generated preformatted Word document instantiated in the SharePoint portal with assigned project profile document properties. Once documentation was completed, the project manager submits document and project profile to group manager for approval and publishing in the system.

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