Self Storage: Site Facility Data Warehouse

Intranet application to streamline data-entry and provide real-time overview for business performance statistics

Technologies: ASP.NETC#SQL, WCF

Scope: 120 hours from July 2010 thru August 2010

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 production environment
Active Directory integration for roll based application security

SelfStore, Inc. manages 15 storage warehouses along the east coast. Each location maintains customer information in a COTS application using an Access database. At the end of the day, a custom WinForm application is executed to post the data using WCF to the SQL Server database running at the corporate headquarters. An ASP.NET application running on the corporate intranet allows users to run reports for their own location while providing a secure administration section for managers to view data across all locations.

Finance Report

Traffic Report

Data Entry

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