Harkins Builders: SubFAX Estimating Portal

Fax and email broadcast communication platform which maintains detailed profiles about subcontractors

Technologies: ASP, DCOM, FAX, SMTP, SQL, Visual Basic, XML/XSL

Scope: 400 hours from June 2001 thru October 2001

ASP web interface using DHTML to provide rich application user experience
Automated fax and email broadcasts in background Windows Service

The estimating department used a cumbersome COTS program to communicate via FAX and email with numerous construction subcontractors. The existing data was migrated to a new custom database designed to store additional proprietary business information necessary to streamline the process of selecting recipients for a new campaign. An ASP application was developed to manage the subcontractor profiles and prepare recipient lists for mass-communication using a custom Windows service running on the server. Additional information about subcontractor services and past performance was collected and used to select subcontractors to participate on the project. Transmittal reports for the plans and specifications required by each subcontractor based on their trade codes and invitation status are generated and maintained for tracking.

Welcome to Harkins SubFax

Browse subcontractors

Edit/view subcontractor

Contact management

Selecting subs for bid

Faxing telephony intergration

Bid list management

Bid sub management

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