PoolComm.com: Chemical Automation Pool Telemetry

Web portal to monitor and control chemical levels using embedded devices deployed at client swimming pools

Technologies: ASP.NETC#ecommereceHTML/CSS

Scope: 280 hours from September 2003 thru December 2003

Bidirectional email and SMS communications module
Configurable website theme with credit card processing

Chemical Automation provides outsourced swimming pool management for the Washington DC metropolitan area. Electronic devices installed at location report chemical levels to a central database which has a secure web interface for technicians to view reports and graphs of the pools assigned to them. Commands can be sent to the devices manually by a technician or automatically by a background service to control chemical feeds or request status reports. Email and SMS alters can be configured for monitored values on a per-location basis. New customers can purchase the required hardware and service using a credit card on a special cobranded instance of the site specific for each independent technician.

Account Home

Unit Managment

Statistic Graph

Unit Alarms

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