General Billing: Bill Collection Payment Website

Automated bill payment and debt collection service ecommerce website and web service

Technologies: ASPecommereceHTML/CSSSOA

Scope: 80 hours from November 2001 thru December 2001

Ecommerce website for credit card and e-check bill payment
Integration with accounting software for data synchronization

General Billing collects payment for reoccurring bills and past-due debts on behalf of clients. A secure website was built to facilitate the collection of payments via credit card or e-checks. An administration interface allowed agents to create new bills, send notifications to the recipients and run reports for payment status and history. The web service synchronized the website data with accounting system to automate the creation of new bills and post payments back to the related ledgers. Registered users could view and select multiple bills to pay in a single transaction with receipts delivered to payer and payee via email.

Previous account payee tracking

Multiple payments batched

Payment device form

Member search administration

Administration transaction reports

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