Cross-browser compliant HTML user interfaces with CSS styling

The project portfolio demonstrates the breadth and depth of experience that Kevin Hutchens has acquired categorized by technology with a graphical representation of its utilization over his career. Please select a technology below to list the related projects.

Technology (Keyword)CountLast Used2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
Active Server Pages (ASP) 6 June 2007
ASP.NET Websites (ASP.NET) 20 December 2010
C# .NET Language (C#) 20 September 2010
DesignedNet Framework (DesignedNet) 8 March 2007
Electronic Payments (ecommerece) 9 September 2008
Google Maps Javascript API (Google Maps) 2 September 2010
HTML + CSS Design (HTML/CSS) 10 December 2010
jQuery Javascript API (jQuery) 3 June 2009
Microsoft SharePoint Server (SharePoint) 3 June 2008
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 8 September 2007
SQL Server Database (SQL) 15 December 2010
Team Foundation Server (TFS) 3 June 2009
Visual Basic .NET Language (VB.NET) 3 March 2008
Windows Forms Application (WinForms) 3 December 2005

NCARB: eEVR Workflow 

Web-based extranet portal to gather and submit work experience for approval of professional accreditation

Scalable ASP.NET v3.5 web application with jQuery UI and WCF data access layer
Custom edit, submit, approve workflow implementation with email notification

Scope: 6 months
From: Jul 2008
To: May 2009

Sagent Healthstaff: Health Staff Capabilities Database 

Web application to collect industry specific competency test and skills checklist results from prospective nurses

Administration interface to maintain complex surveys for nurses
Search engine to find nurses with specific skills or qualifications

Scope: 3 weeks
From: Feb 2003
To: May 2003 Name Change Legal Forms 

Public ecommerce website offering service to generate multiple forms required to change legal name

HTML user interface inputs defined by metadata properties
PDF files auto-populated from user data in SQL database

Scope: 6 weeks
From: Mar 2008
To: Jun 2008

Designed Simplicity: Website 

Project portfolio website to navigate and display detailed experience profiles

Administrative backend to publish new projects to website portfolio
Best practices implementation of Industry standard HTML and CSS

Scope: 6 weeks
From: Jul 2010
To: Sep 2010

Designed Simplicity: Website 

Travel stories, photos and videos of adventures from my trip around the world

Plan and journal multiple city journeys while gather information about locations
Showcase geotagged panoramic photography and document extensive travel history

Scope: 3 months
From: Sep 2009
To: Aug 2010

General Billing: Bill Collection Payment Website 

Automated bill payment and debt collection service ecommerce website and web service

Ecommerce website for credit card and e-check bill payment
Integration with accounting software for data synchronization

Scope: 2 weeks
From: Nov 2001
To: Dec 2001 Chemical Automation Pool Telemetry 

Web portal to monitor and control chemical levels using embedded devices deployed at client swimming pools

Bidirectional email and SMS communications module
Configurable website theme with credit card processing

Scope: 7 weeks
From: Sep 2003
To: Dec 2003

Infiweb Hosting: Love Search Online Website 

Website for personal profile management, compatible profile searching and private messaging

Credit card payment authorization for registering member accounts
Monthly subscription service with automated credit card processing

ASP, DCOM, ecommereceHTML/CSSSQL, Visual Basic
Scope: 3 weeks
From: Apr 2001
To: Jun 2001

Web Member: Non-Profit Donation Portal 

Website to manage fund-raising campaigns with personalized email message templates and link tracking

Email engine with customizable templates and per-message personalization
Template driven webpage with click-through tracking and credit card processing

Scope: 7 weeks
From: May 2001
To: Jul 2001

Louis Berger Group: Project Knowledge Base Portal 

Corporate project experience SharePoint portal to automate document generation for portfolio publishing

Microsoft Office automation provided document generation and synchronization
Active Directory integration for security and project profile for seamless integration

ASP, DCOM, HTML/CSS, Office, SharePoint, Visual Basic
Scope: 12 months
From: May 2001
To: Nov 2002
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