Applications exposing and/or consuming SOAP compliant web services

The project portfolio demonstrates the breadth and depth of experience that Kevin Hutchens has acquired categorized by technology with a graphical representation of its utilization over his career. Please select a technology below to list the related projects.

Technology (Keyword)CountLast Used2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
Active Server Pages (ASP) 6 June 2007
ASP.NET Websites (ASP.NET) 20 December 2010
C# .NET Language (C#) 20 September 2010
DesignedNet Framework (DesignedNet) 8 March 2007
Electronic Payments (ecommerece) 9 September 2008
Google Maps Javascript API (Google Maps) 2 September 2010
HTML + CSS Design (HTML/CSS) 10 December 2010
jQuery Javascript API (jQuery) 3 June 2009
Microsoft SharePoint Server (SharePoint) 3 June 2008
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 8 September 2007
SQL Server Database (SQL) 15 December 2010
Team Foundation Server (TFS) 3 June 2009
Visual Basic .NET Language (VB.NET) 3 March 2008
Windows Forms Application (WinForms) 3 December 2005

Harkins Builders: BidNET Enterprise Intranet 

Enterprise wide intranet to consolidate shared data across multiple departments and business processes

Corporate wide information repository with secure extranet
Enterprise case study for Designed Framework development

ASP.NETC#DesignedNet, FAX, jQuery, SMTP, SOASQL
Scope: 6 months
From: Jan 2006
To: Dec 2006

E&E Publications: MILO Publication Sales Portal 

Customer information and subscription sales management portal for secure online content publisher

DesignedNet Framework implementation for rapid development
Integration with multiple systems to automate manual processes

Scope: 4 months
From: Aug 2003
To: Aug 2005

Harkins Builders: Corporate Portfolio Website 

Content management system for existing corporate website with custom portfolio publishing engine

Custom project portfolio engine driven from intranet database
Secure extranet with extra functionality for employees and clients

Scope: 5 weeks
From: Sep 2005
To: Nov 2005

Becton Dickinson: Mobile Smallpox Immunization Platform 

Tablet application for patient medical history with Smallpox inoculation and response protocol tracking

Windows Tablet Edition touch interface WinForm application
SQL Server replication service for offline synchronization

C#SOASQL, Tablet, WinForms
Scope: 6 weeks
From: Jan 2003
To: Feb 2003

OrbImage: Satellite Image Delivery 

BizTalk orchestration to process delivery requests for satellite images electronically or on physical media

Full automation of error-prone labor-intensive manual process
Integration with Rimage DVD replicator and UPS/FedEx APIs

BizTalk, C#SOASQLWinForms, XML/XSL
Scope: 7 months
From: Nov 2004
To: May 2005

General Billing: Bill Collection Payment Website 

Automated bill payment and debt collection service ecommerce website and web service

Ecommerce website for credit card and e-check bill payment
Integration with accounting software for data synchronization

Scope: 2 weeks
From: Nov 2001
To: Dec 2001

Concurrent Computer Corp: Data Bridge Web Service 

Service-oriented application to expose data from an Oracle database to embedded hardware devices

SOAP message validation based on dynamic database configuration
Load-tested production environment for provisioning and scalability

Scope: 5 months
From: Mar 2007
To: Jul 2007

Web Member: Non-Profit Donation Portal 

Website to manage fund-raising campaigns with personalized email message templates and link tracking

Email engine with customizable templates and per-message personalization
Template driven webpage with click-through tracking and credit card processing

Scope: 7 weeks
From: May 2001
To: Jul 2001
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