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DesignedNet Framework

The DesignedNet Framework was created to accelerate the development of custom application for small and medium sized business. The framework generates multiple layers of application code ready to be customized to specific business requirements. With a database design and a few simple clicks, and entire ASP.NET based CRUD web application, complete with navigation and input validation.

The ability to generate this amount of code substantially reduces the number of bugs due to the reuse of tested and proven base classes and the automation of the tedious operations of matching table and column names with display controls and user input validation. Many of the examples documented below are still running on their origional code-base over a decade later.

MILO Publication Sales Portal

Customer information and subscription sales management portal for secure online content publisher
DesignedNet Framework implementation for rapid development
Integration with multiple systems to automate manual processes


Name Change Legal Forms

Public E-commerce website offering service to generate multiple forms required to change legal name
HTML user interface inputs defined by metadata properties
PDF files auto-populated from user data in SQL database

C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, PDF, HTML/CSS, E-commerce

HD Napkins Ads Website

Secure website for managing client demographics profile with reporting interface utilizing Google Maps
Secure ASP.NET interface for 10 table SQL Server database
Geo-locating and mapping services using Google Maps API

C#, ASP.NET, SQL, ASPX, Google Maps, jQuery

Health Capabilities Staffer

Web application to collect industry specific competency test and skills checklist results from prospective nurses
Administration interface to maintain complex surveys for nurses
Search engine to find nurses with specific skills or qualifications

C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, PDF, HTML/CSS, E-commerce

HannCrew Work Scheduler

Real-time schedule planning and management engine for team based work assignment
Integration of new website functionality into existing scheduling system
Real-time scheduling engine for dynamic team availability and assignment

C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, SQL, E-commerce

eDoc Medical Office Suite

Subscription based internet service to help doctor’s offices manage patient scheduling and insurance claim processing
Online booking, scheduling and payment system for patients
Workflow to support medical insurance claims and client billing

C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, PDF, HTML/CSS, E-commerce

Courier Tracking Portal

Courier shipment request and status tracking portal with administration interface package status management
Administration interface to manage client accounts and generate notifications
User interface for clients to request new packages and report shipment status

C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, Access

Pool Chemical Telemetry

Web portal to monitor and control chemical levels using embedded devices deployed at client swimming pools
Bidirectional email and SMS communications module
Configurable website theme with credit card processing

C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, HTML/CSS, E-commerce

Harkins Builders

Harkins Builders

Harkins Builders is a diversified design-build general contractor active in the construction of commercial office and residential developments. In order to succeed, the organization needs good tools to manage and analyze information throughout the entire construction process.

During a relationship spanning 16 years, numerous modules have been incrementally added to the BidNet system to streamline the implementation of their business process across multiple departments. The DesignedNet Framework was leveraged to significantly reduce the development cost without sacrificing functionality, performance or stability.

Corporate Portfolio Portal

Content management system for existing corporate website with custom portfolio publishing engine
Custom project portfolio engine driven from intranet database
Secure extranet with extra functionality for employees and clients


BidNet Enterprise Intranet

Enterprise wide intranet to consolidate shared data across multiple departments and business processes
Corporate wide information repository with secure extranet
Enterprise case study for Designed Framework development


Equipment Asset Extranet

Secure web-based extranet application for hardware and software asset assignment, tracking and reporting
Integration with barcode reader for rapid identification of assets
Secure extranet for communication with third party support services


SubFax Estimating Portal

Fax and email broadcast communication platform which maintains detailed profiles about subcontractors
ASP web interface using DHTML to provide rich application user experience
Automated fax and email broadcasts in background Windows Service


Other Projects

Annual Meeting Registration

Corporate event registration microsite with payment processing and event planning administrative backend
Electronic payment processing with automated billing and refunds
Administration backend to control seminar attendance and fee structure

C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, TFS, TDD, E-commerce, SharePoint

Online Renewals Platform

Subscription renewal payment processing application intergrated with existing legacy membership portal
Seamless bi-directional session integration with legacy ASP website
Background Windows service for personalized email notifications

C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, TFS, TDD, E-commerce

eEVR Education Workflow

Web-based extranet portal to gather and submit work experience for approval of professional accreditation
Scalable ASP.NET v3.5 web application with jQuery UI and WCF data access layer
Custom edit, submit, approve workflow implementation with email notification


FoodFit Website Admin

Optimized search engine and web based administration interface for high-traffic public facing website
Reverse-engineering of undocumented Active Service Pages (ASP) website
ASP.NET administration web interface for existing SQL Server database

VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASPX, ASP, SQL, SEO, E-commerce, JAVA, AdSense

Centralized Application Processing System

Intranet application to automate paper-based form process and enforce editing and approval workflow
Window service with Word automation for background printing
Unique user interface implementation for paper form in HTML

C#, ASP.NET, ASPX, Office, JS

Satellite Image Delivery

BizTalk orchestration to process delivery requests for satellite images electronically or on physical media
Full automation of error-prone labor-intensive manual process
Integration with Rimage DVD replicator and UPS/FedEx APIs

C#, WinForms, SQL, BizTalk, SOAP, XML/XSL

Mobile Medical Platform

Tablet application for patient medical history for Smallpox inoculation and response protocol tracking
Windows Tablet Edition touch interface WinForm application
SQL Server replication service for offline synchronization

C#, WinForms, SQL, SOAP, Touch Input

SharePoint InfoPath Support Workflow

IT Department support ticket system to accept requests for new user accounts and automate provisioning
Repeatable InfoPath/SharePoint/SQL Server development architecture
Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal 2007 (MOSS) server-farm configuration

VB.NET, SQL, InfoPath, SharePoint, WWF

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